Review How to Analyze a Case Study under Week 8Content. You are expected to use the facts from the case scenario focusing on using this information to determine opportunities and to solve problems.
February 11, 2021
True or False (Principles of Business Management) 22. Leaders and managers are interchangeable terms
February 11, 2021

mental Health Diagnosis law homework help

the research paper project is a two part assignment. The first section of the project you will provide an in-depth analysis of a specific mental health diagnosis. This section of the paper should analyze the history of the diagnosis, the specific criteria to have a diagnosis for the disorder, and a discussion of the role the disorder has in contributing to criminal behavior. This section should be 10 pages long and include a minimum of 10 pages. Additionally your paper needs to be in APA 6th edition formatting.

The second section of the paper will be a power point presentation that outlines treatment options for this diagnosis. Your power point should be 20 slides and cover methods of identification and treatment for this disorder. The treatment sections should provide an overview of what methods of treatment are effective and what methods are not. Treatment outcome data needs to be examined as well to support treatment and effectiveness. Additionally you will need to record a voice narration for the power point presentation. You voiceover should not be a regurgitation of the slide. Instead it should be a discussion of the concepts that you learned about providing effective therapy for your clients who suffer from their specific illness. Please refer to this web page for assistance in providing voiceover in power points


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