A client with cardiogenic shock weighs 220 lb. and is receiving dopamine at the rate of 3
March 29, 2020
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March 29, 2020

Mental Health Hesi Review Questions

QUES: a 30 year old sales manager tells the nurse “i am thinking about a job change. i don’t feel like i am living up to my potential.” which of maslows developmental stages is the sales manager attempting to achieve

QUES: a homeless person who is in the manic phase of bipolar disorder is admitted to the mental health unit.. which lab finding obtained on admission is most important for the nurse to report to the HCP

QUES: an adult male client who was admitted to the mental health unit yesterday tells the nurse that microchips were planted in his head for military surveillance of his every move.. which response is best for the nurse to provide

QUES: the nurse is assessing a clients intelligence.. which factor should the nurse remember during this part of the mental status exam

QUES: at a support meeting of parents of a teenager with polysubstance dependency, a parent states “each time my son tries to quit taking drugs, he gets so depressed that I’m afraid he will commit suicide”.. the nurses response should be based on which information

QUES: the wife of a male client recently diagnosed with schizophrenia asks the nurse, “what exactly is schizophrenia? is my husband all right?”.. which response is best for the nurse to provide

QUES: a young adult male client, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, believes that the world is trying to poison him.. what intervention should the nurse include in this clients plan of care

QUES: a female client with OCD is describing her obsessions and compulsions and asks the nurse why these make her feel safer.. what information should the nurse include in this clients teaching plan

what do you believe the news commentator said to you:

QUES: the parents of a 14 year old boy bring their son to the hospital.. he is lethargic, but responsive.. the mother states “i think he took some of my pain pills”.. during initial assessment of the teenager, what information is most important for the nurse to obtain from the parents


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