“What is Enlightenment?” (1784), Immanuel Kant
April 3, 2020
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April 3, 2020

Metroplex Area Convention and Tourism Bureau

Second Special Project

You have been hired by the Metroplex Area Convention and Tourism Bureau as an independent contractor to create a presentation that would be given at various trade shows and conventions to groups of all ages. They want to increase the amount of tourism in the DFW area. It will be running on a monitor as people walk by the booth. You want it to attract their attention and make them stop and look at it.

You need to create a presentation that will make people want to come to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for their vacations. You need to appeal to all age groups—young adults, families, senior citizens. You need to include activities that have a variety of price ranges, gender interest, and cultural interest Try not to just hit on the obvious attractions like Six Flags; try to find some things that are unique to the DFW area. Each slide must be a different venue; however, you can group more than one venue on a slide.

Be sure to give some contact information (like a website) for the place; however, do not just list the address and hours of operation for each venue. Your bulleted items should be facts that would make me want to visit the attraction. The bullets should tell me what there is to do at the venue. Do research on the web to find out facts about each place. Prices can be included if they are reasonably low or free. Use the internet, local magazines (like the free Dallas Child magazine, newspapers, or The Guide) to research places to visit. The places must be real, but USE YOUR IMAGINATION!! Part of your grade is “Did it convince me that I would like to vacation in DFW?”

The presentation should be 10-12 slides long. Including the title page and summary page. (Do not give me a repeat of the slides for the summary. Give me a great last thought/idea/inspiration.) For example, if I were doing a presentation on Las Vegas, I would use the phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Each slide must be a different venue, although you can group more than one venue on a slide.


1. Must have an appropriate background that is not a one of the default design and color schemes included in PowerPoint 2016/Office 365. Look on the Internet for free PowerPoint slide backgrounds or create your own. This project is unique in that you could have a different background for each slide since each slide is a different venue

2. Use 3 different slide layouts

3. Slide size should be standard 4:3

4. Use the 7X7 rule. No more than 7 words per bullet no more than 7 bullets per page. NO COMPLETE SENTENCES. When you add the audio, that is when you will use complete sentences and paragraphs.

5. Include a SmartArt, SmartArt Style, and change the color

6. WordArt

7. 3 fonts

8. Add appropriate action buttons to each slide

9. Create customized bullets (do not use a default option)

10. It should include pictures of the venues.

a. 1 picture should have a picture style

b. 1 picture should have a 3 pt border in a matching colo


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