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Write a clear, focused, well-organized paper that indicates that you can present a researched topic in the environmental sciences.
July 8, 2019
Prepare a presentation (5–10) slides presenting the pros and cons of adding fluoride to the water, specifically in regards to human health.
July 8, 2019

Mindfulness change our minds

Above you will find a website that I would like you to visit. Once there, view the video on the front page of John Kabat-Zinn discussing “What is Mindfulness”. Right above the accompanying article you will see 3 tabs; “What is Mindfulness”, “Why Practice it?”, and “How Do I Cultivate it?”. Click on the tab “Why Practice it?”. This will bring you to a section called “Why Practice it?” with 12 bullet points. For this discussion, I would like you to pick any one of these bullet points by clicking on the red colored link within the text (ie. “changes our brains”, “tune out distractions”, “fights obesity”, etc…). This will bring you to a section about that particular subject. Please give a brief synopsis of what you read about


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