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Occupational Health And Safety Policies In Saudi Arabia

Answer the following questions and write a paper (4 pages) about the problem of the impact of occupational health and safety (OHS) policies on dentists’ performance in Saudi Arabia. This paper will be from an administrative point of view.
· Introduction
· Literature review(Conduct a literature review using at least 7 articles on that topic)
· Why we need to fix this problem?(After the literature review formulate a problem statement that would represent a research area that you would like to find a solution to)
· How to study this problem?
· What is the significant of the problem?
· What are the consequences of solving this problem?
· Theoretical background of the impact of OHS policies on dentists’ performance.
· Conclusion
– Avoid Plagiarism– 4 page  not including the cover page and the references.– follow APA style.– provide in-text citation 7 references not late than 2013
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