July 23, 2020
need a 5 page introduction and literature review paper
July 23, 2020

op ed analysis

Op-Ed Analysis

Three pages minimum, typed, double-spaced

For this analysis, choose one of the following essays to analyze: “My Friend’s Cancer Taught me about a Hole in Our System” or “How Big Tobacco got another Generation Hooked.”

Your analysis should include consideration of the intended audience and the “conversation” that these writers have entered into. You do not need to specifically use Toulmin’s model to analyze the argument, but your essay should include discussion of evidence/data and reasoning.

For this analysis:

  • ♦ Using the assigned readings about the guidelines for op-eds (David Shipley and Trish Hall, particularly), speculate about why each essay was chosen for publication—be specific. This includes thinking about the intended audience (readers of the NY Times Opinion section) [About 1/4 of the paper.]
  • ♦ Articulate the writer’s claim, reasoning, support, and consideration of counterarguments. [About 3/4 of the paper]. [About 2/3 of the paper].

          • Excellent! – A Very Strong – B Competent – C Not Yet Criterion Competent Value

Comprehension – Elements of argument

  • Identifies the s most important evidence and support in each essay
  • Meaningful discussion of the authors’ reasoning
  • Evaluation of the argument in context
  • Identifies each author’s use of evidence and support
  • Discussion of the authors’ reasoning
  • Evaluation of the argument in context
  • There might be more summary than analysis
  • Information might be incorrectly identified as evidence.


Consideration of the genre – Identifies elements of the genre

• Demonstrates understanding of the

specific elements of op- ed as presented in class readings and lectures

• Makes good observations about genre, although they may be more general

• Little to no discussion of the

genre, or inaccurate statements about the genre



• Abundant use of direct outside text to support the analysis

• Effective use of direct outside text to support most of the analysis

  • Little to no use direct use of the outside text.
  • Little discussion of specific parts of the essay



  • Effective use of paragraphing
  • Thoughtful introduction and conclusion
  • Logical connection of ideas from one to the next

• Clear paragraphing, although some

paragraphs might be overly short or combine more than one idea

• Unclear paragraphing or a

more “freewrite” style of writing


Use of language

  • Sophisticated sentence level expression
  • A variety of sentence styles,
  • Concise expression
  • Natural (not stiff or overly formal) expression
  • Good sentence level expression
  • A variety of sentence styles, although there may be more simple sentences
  • Concise expression
  • Mostly natural (not stiff or overly formal) expression
  • An over-reliance on simple sentence structure
  • Inaccurate word choices or a reliance on overly formal language



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