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discuss how different organizations might develop and implement a strategic HRM plan.
July 8, 2019
A chart with two sides: strengths and limitations, using the subtitles integrity, reliability, validity
July 8, 2019

Operation Management

Think Theory X and Y leadership is a generational issue. if you do, then you would believe that most of today’s leaders, who are sill one above the millenial generation were trained differently than potential leaders of tomorrow. (Some millenials are in leadership positions now, of course, but they are still primarily up-and-coming)  Reflect on this before you post this week.

Discuss a leader you have had experience with that struck you as an example of a Theory X proponent in their behavior. Theory Y? Be specific about their characteristics. If you have not worked for a Theory X person or a Theory Y person, expand on your explanation of the type you choose. (If you have never worked for a Theory X person, you are very fortunate!) In your response include whether or not you think the type is generation-related.


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