Optimized and Baselined Project Schedule
March 30, 2020
Pick one of the following terms for your research: economies of scale, economies of scope, global companies, global teams, globalization strategy, international division, joint venture, multidomestic strategy, multinational stage, or standardization.
March 30, 2020

Opioid-related Overdose Deaths

Read the following articles:

Opioid-related Overdose Deaths (Links to an external site.), by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in May 2018: Number of Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths, All Intents by City/Town 2013-2017
Strategy to Combat Opioid Abuse, Misuse, and Overdose (Links to an external site.), by the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services: Strategy to Combat Opioid Abuse, Misuse, and Overdose: A Framework Based on the Five Point Strategy
Refer, as needed, to Chapters one through four in Co-occurring Disorders: Integrated Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use and Mental Disorders to re-familiarize yourself with the necessary components to effectively treat co-occurring disorders if needed.
Please be sure to answer both questions:

Does this article about the proposed Five-Point Strategy effectively address the problem of co-occurring disorders?
Support your stance either way. What are the elements that are either present or missing that make this an effective or ineffective strategy?
Based on the data from 2013-2017, what are your initial impressions?
What can you infer about the data? What additional information might be useful to know?

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