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April 9, 2021
2 3 page paper on what way a particular religion is impacting a society s economy and marketplace today
April 9, 2021

oral history paper easy 1

For this paper you will write a 10-15 page double spaced 12 point font oral history of someone who is 65 years of age or older.

Your paper should record, in depth, the details that make up the course of the person’s life, and it should be based on an extensive series of interviews that you conduct throughout the quarter. Your interviewee may be a relative or just someone you know or want to know, but it should be someone who is willing and able to share the details of their life with you.

Therefore, interviews should be designed and arranged to capture and record accurately theexperiences that comprise your informant’s life.

Although the primary focus of this paper is recording the life experience of the person you are interviewing, and organizing that information into a chronological biography, you are encouraged to include any archival or genealogical research you may be able to conduct in concert with your interviewee.

Guide with series of questions is attached.

Answered Interview Questions attached


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