Neurological Disorders and Cognitive Perceptual Problems in Children
June 1, 2021
3 pages. Due in 24 hoursRead the Emotional Disorders Case Studies document on the bottom of the assignment. Be sure to focus on the symptoms listed in each case study. Then, respond to the following
June 1, 2021
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Pediatrics 04: 8-year-old male well-child check

This week, complete the Aquifer case titled Pediatrics 04: 8-year-old male well-child check. This case can be found under Aquifer Family Medicine.

Apply information from the Aquifer case study to answer the following questions:

  1. How would you evaluate and manage a pediatric patient who has BP and BMI greater than what is expected for his/her age group? Which additional conditions would you want to screen for and why?
  2. What physical exam findings and diagnostic results would be concerning to you in this patient and why? What would be three differentials in this case?
  3. What are your final assessments (diagnoses) for this patient? What is your treatment recommendation and education for the patient and family? Why?


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