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Do all the scientific sources you have examined on this topic provide data or information that supports the premise of the blog?
July 8, 2019
Simulation of an attic fire in a wood frame residential structure—Chicago
July 8, 2019


A three- part question related to Personality Psychology and a movie called “three identical strangers:

1) Briefly state 3 questions/ issues about PERSONALITY does the story of Three Identical Strangers bring up? (75 words, bullet points accepted)
a. One hint: could relate the Nature vs. Nurture debate
2) How does their case help us understand personality better? (100 words)
3) The agency “Louis Wise Services” is definitely responsible for the hardships the triplets and other twins separated at birth faced? provide reasoning for it. (100 words)
a. All the twins (mental health, unethical) who is the most blamed

Useful website (optional): “The Conspiracy Behind ‘Three Identical Strangers’ Is Beyond Messed Up”


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