The most famous books by Stanislav Lem
May 6, 2020
Health Promotion
May 6, 2020

PHE6220 Evidence-based Public Health Practice

Using the strategies and concepts taught for searching, evaluating, and retrieving EBPH resources and literature, identify five (5) peer-reviewed scientific articles that have information that can be used to quantify the extent of your specific health problem. Ensure that none of these articles are more than 5 years old.
Analyze and evaluate three of the five articles with the intent to quantify the extent of your public health problem, issue, situation, or concern.
Use the epidemiology training and skills from the course to assess the extent of your problem, issue, situation, or concern by identifying and evaluating the risk factors being considered, the population affected, the size and scope of the problem, prevention opportunities, and potential stakeholders from the three peer-reviewed articles.
As part of quantifying the public health condition, obtain the disease rates of the health condition or risk factor in an affected population and analyze and assess if any patterns of the disease exist within subgroups of the defined population.

Utilize assigned and suggested weekly readings, the South University online library, the Internet readings, and references to search, evaluate, and retrieve relevant EBPH literature to support your responses.


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