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April 30, 2020
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PHE6220 Evidence-based Public Health Practice

Use scientific evidence to assess or review the public health problem selected. Which information from research studies will be utilized in your assessment? Will you use:

Etiologic studies
Studies used to develop methods for measuring or modifying behavior
Studies used to identify the factors that influence the behavior
Studies used to determine whether public health interventions are successful in meeting their stated objectives for risk reduction

Evaluate and identify which analytical tool(s) is most appropriate to apply or assess your public health problem. Of the different types of analytical tools, which will you use to assess your public health problem:

Analytic tools for measuring intervention impact and effectiveness. For example, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, etc.
Economic evaluation, a set of methods for comparing benefits and costs by using the cost-benefit analysis, cost-effective analysis, cost-utility analysis.

Analyze and list the necessary steps and procedures that would be appropriate to apply as you conduct a community assessment of your public health problem.

Justify why a community assessment is necessary.
Discuss the range of partnership or stakeholders that might be useful in conducting community assessments.
Outline who in the community will be assessed, what to assess, an

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