Assignment 2: View of Moral WorkIn this module’s overview, you learned that human services come in many different forms. There are different philosophies guiding this work that, at times, might confli
June 1, 2021
My topic is ” Thought and emotion in personality disorder “** the most important in this presentation is to create a study. Think of “the most interesting idea in psychology” that you have encou
June 1, 2021
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Phoenix mgt 526 organizational chart


Use your selected company from Weeks 1 – 3 for this week’s assessment.

As a recent hire, you’d like to become familiar with the current organizational structure in your organization. This org chart has not yet been created, so you decide to make your own.

Part 1:

Create an organizational chart (org chart) of your company based on the initiatives discussed in Week 3. This high-level information is typically found on the company’s website or other websites about the organization. The org chart should include key leadership and level of responsibility. If the information is not public, base your decisions on a similar organization and research. You may use any Microsoft® program or web-based program.

Part 2:

Explain in 350- words the structure of your org chart. Discuss the type of hierarchy and related details of each role. Assess how each role in the organizational chart is related to the other areas within the organization.  

Cite all sources.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines. Utilize the Center for Writing Excellence and the Reference and Citation Generator for assistance with APA style formatting.  

Submit both parts of the assignment on one document.

Attached is week 1-3 assignments for info.

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