September 6, 2021
Classify cocaine and amphetamine correctly and explain how that specific classification affects the body.
September 6, 2021
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Ten (10) Slides PowerPoint Presentation




Assume that you have been tasked with preparing a cultural brief for an upcoming trip that will put you and your travel companions in touch with three different societal clusters. Choose three clusters other than the one in which you currently operate.


In a PowerPoint presentation, briefly describe the following: 


v  List and describe the three cultural clusters that will be visited.


v  Provide information on cultural norms from each of the clusters to be visited. (Make sure to use specific information from the GLOBE study.)


v  Describe the leadership approaches preferred in the clusters that will be visited.


v  Describe the considerations for leading multicultural teams. 


Be sure to follow the guidelines below: 


v  Your presentation should have originality, and the content should be presented in a unique and interesting manner. 


v  Analysis should be thorough and fully developed.


v  Organization should be clear in your paper. The main points should be arranged logically to support the information provided, with similar ideas grouped together and smooth transitions.


v  All graphics and texts should be appropriate and attractive and support the theme and content. Be sure to use a consistent and appropriate background.


v  Any sources used should be properly cited and referenced according to APA format.


v  Writing should be clear and concise with correct use of sentence structure and should be free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.


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