Using a Health Policy Model to Develop a Change in Policy to Improve the Public’s Health
May 14, 2020
cultural diversity
May 14, 2020

please note the following, thanks!

Do not write the brief description of SBA, just answer the question directly is alright!

Part A (Around 600 words)

Analysis the framework: pros and cons of English Language School Based Assessment For dyslexia (slow learners)

1. The NSS assessment reform, from HKEAA 2019

2. SBA Introduction


Part B (Around 200 words)

Question 1:
Can Hong Kong prosper without English?

Question 2:
Imagine there are no mandatory government policies, take one of the following roles in the school board and say what MoI policy you will adopt for your school (a Band 2 local secondary school), and why?
a. the school principal;
b. the teacher representative;
c. the student representative (a F.6 student); d. the parent representative.


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