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POL 100 Borough of Manhattan College Political Parties Development Questions

Question Description

Read Chapter 8 in Harrison. Pay close attention to the history of political parties and the functions of political parties. Focus on these Key Terms on page 270-271: grassroots organizing, New Deal, primary election, Tea Party movement. Go to and think about how you would assess this web-site. Is it good? Why or why not?

Questions 1

What functions do political parties perform? How do these functions encourage the civic engagement of Americans? How do you view the two party system of today?

Questions 2

Continue your Blog by discussing your thoughts on recent developments in the Presidential campaign. Be sure to cite at least ONE NEWS SOURCE where you have gleaned information about the campaign. Or, cite information about how you think President Obama has followed through on his campaign promises. Stick to your opinion if you have difficulty finding news sources. OR, Do you think President Trump has followed through or accomplished anything over the last two months in office? THIS IS COMPLETELY YOUR OPINION IN YOUR BLOG.

Note you can pick either option above, to discuss President Obama or President Trump.


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