Cybersecurity in Business and Industry (2172)/Case Study #1: Why should businesses invest in cybersecurity?
December 14, 2017
strategies for adopting the correct enterprise network architecture for any hypothetical firm.
December 14, 2017

Post Your Introduction

Welcome to class! The purpose of this discussion is to get to know your classmates and the instructor. Be sure to review the Meet Your Instructor page in our course to learn more about the instructor as well. This discussion is also an opportunity to create a LinkedIn profile and join the Ashford University LinkedIn group. Creating the LinkedIn profile and joining the group enables you to continue networking with your Ashford University colleagues in this social network of ECE professionals now and beyond graduation.

Part I (REQUIRED): Introduce Yourself!

Create an introduction in which you
State where you live and describe at least one thing you enjoy about living there.
Describe your reasons for enrolling in this course.
Describe personal or professional experience you have teaching or working with children.
Discuss your experience with curriculum planning, using specific examples to illustrate your experience.
Explain what factors you currently consider to be important with regard to curriculum planning for the early childhood classroom. In your explanation, state why you consider these factors important.


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