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April 9, 2021
Leading Organizational change 2 assignments
April 9, 2021

principles of public policy answer five question

Please answer each question in at least two paragraphs. A typical paragraph contains five sentences. All documents should be submitted in PDF or Word format. Do not submit in Pages. Please put your name at the top of your document.

  1. What does it mean to use a rational cost benefit analysis as the basis for the implementation of crime prevention policies? Do U.S. municipalities actually use rational cost benefit analysis in crime prevention? Justify your answer to the second question.
  2. In dismantling the Cabrini Green public housing complex, Chicago sought to disrupt a “culture of poverty” and introduce residents to a “middle class way of life”. Explain two problems with (or unintended consequences of) demolishing Cabrini Green as a poverty reduction strategy.
  3. Explain how the implementation of “Obamacare” illustrates the push and pull of federal and state power within our federalist system. Use an example.
  4. Do the poor benefit from the majority of social welfare spending in the United States? Explain.
  5. Thinking about the policy areas that we have discussed during the last month of class, is transformative policy change possible in a large, diverse democracy? Explain your answer. In what context is policy change most likely?


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