identify a brand that failed to understand the difference between what consumers say and what they really do and why
April 9, 2021
Politics 300, write a 4-5 page paper regarding info in the desciption
April 9, 2021

Project 19942349

This project will help you step into the shoes of an entrepreneur. You will use the skills you’ve developed throughout the semester.

Step 1- Choose an episode of “How I built this Podcast.” This podcast can be found on all podcast outlets.

Step 2- Based on  your new knowledge of the entrepreneurs’ journey and the business you are to create a 2-minute business pitch for the business on  the podcast episode you chose.

Step 3- You should record yourself pitching the business and submit your pitch.

Your pitch should touch on the following:

1. The overall business model

2. The revenue model

3. How you will attract and retain customers

4. Marketing  plan

5. any other important information a business pitch should included.

You  are to do your OWN research on  business pitches. No one should submit a pitch that is not stellar, there are tons of resources on  the web and this is part of the process of entrepreneurship (RESEARCH).

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