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November 26, 2021
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November 26, 2021

proposal planning outline – Custom Nursing Help

Step 1: Setting Objectives
a. List all of your project’s objectives, including the most and least significant goals.
b. Rank your project’s objectives from most important to least important.
c. Identify the project’s top rank objective (TRO).
Step 2: The Rhetorical Situation
a. Subject–What is your proposal about? What is it not about?
b. Purpose–What is your proposal supposed to achieve?
c. Readers–Who will read your proposal?
d. Context–Where will your proposal be read, and how dies that context shape the reading?
Step 3: Looking Ahead
a. What research do you need to conduct to help gather information to better define the issue/problem/opportunity and your (re)solution?
b. What will you need to do to gather this information?
c. How will you know when you have everything you need?

Base on my proposal project (in the file) to answer all the questions above.
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