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May 10, 2020
May 10, 2020

Public health competency

This unit’s Discussion will focus on discipline-specific and interdisciplinary/cross-cutting competencies that are essential in addressing a public health issue.

Visit “Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals” at the Public Health Foundation’s website (http://www.phf.org/resourcestools/Documents/Core_Competencies_for_Public_Health_Professionals_2014June.pdf)

Consider the following public health disciplines and interdisciplinary domains of skill:

  1. Public health disciplines
  2. Interdisciplinary/cross-cutting domains of skill

What are the disciplines and skills that are essential for your area of interest and the health issue that you have been addressing in your previous assignments? Provide an example of each discipline and skill and discuss why each is essential. Please select any of the topic/competency. Previous work done is in health disparity. 


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