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November 26, 2020
A SWOT analysis identifying the organizational competencies and strategic advantages
November 26, 2020

Put the tittle according to content, not the name of the class( Community class)

Homeless Population

Disaster in the Community

Read chapter 22 and 28 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentations. Once done, answer the following questions.

  1. Identify and discuss the major health problems among the various homeless aggregates in your community.
  2. Mention and discuss three factors that contribute to homelessness and how affects your community
  3. Mention and discuss the stages of disaster management.
  4. Discuss the impact of disasters on a community.

This assignment is going to be checked by Turnitin by the professor to detect Plagiarism. No Plagiarism will be tolerated, it will result in an automatic 0. The % of plagiarism has to be less than 10, this is the most important part.

As stated in the syllabus present your assignment in an APA format word document, Arial 12 font attached to the forum in the discussion tab of the blackboard titled “Week 7 discussion questions” and the SafeAssign exercise in the assignment tab of the blackboard which is a mandatory requirement. A minimum of 3 evidence-based references (besides the class textbook) no older than 5 years must be used. A minimum of 700 words is required (excluding the first and reference page). Please make sure to follow the instructions as given and use either spell-check or Grammarly before you post your assignment.

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