fundamentals of electronic business
April 9, 2021
If you were a clinical psychologist treating personality disorders, what type of psychoanalyst would you be?
April 9, 2021

Questions 19777149

please answer these questions in two paragraphs 


 How do you plan to, or do you currently, set your brand apart from others? What makes your business unique? How do you keep your communications and messaging on brand? Have you created a brochure or other print items? How do they, or will they, showcase your brand?  

 please answer these questions in two paragraphs  FIN 

 What are some of the reasons a company might enter into a merger? What are a few of the benefits? What sort of integration issues might arise after a merger? Have you ever experienced a merger? What was it like? Go to and report back to your peers about a recent merger that you think they might find interesting. 

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