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June 20, 2019
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June 20, 2019
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Real Utopia: Creating Pathways to the Dream

Utopia as an idea that has survived through many generations presents the possibility of a flourishing life where all beings get the same opportunities and provisions. The modern society, in the face of capitalism and competition, suffers great division. With specific reference to diversity, my utopia means a society that appreciates the present differences between people and treats them with respect regardless of their individuality and personal identity. Cultures share ideas gracefully and enjoy learning about others instead of breeding hatred grounds.

Social justice has always been the controlling element in modern society. It is born from the fact there exist tendencies that limit people and deny them the opportunity to live free life and enjoy the available resources. In my conceptualization of utopia, social justice is an element that controls the use of available resources and freedom. There is a significant propensity that, even in a perfect society that does not command a poor division of resources and corruption, there can be wastage of resources on the development of personal interest that do not necessarily reflects the shared social goal (Levitas, 2010). Social justice will help to repress and discourage tendencies that limit others and embrace a system where everybody benefits equally.

The transformation of my utopia into a reality demands a lot of structural changes in the general society. The fact that utopia has been in existence for centuries without being actualized is enough evidence to ascertain its demanding nature (Upadhyay, 2010). The mismatch between reality and the utopia is extended as there are systems, policies, methods, and ideas that need to be erased and redefined to achieve utopia. From the course, the idea that the future is a reality to be rather deduced than imagined is the basis of utopian thinking. With such an understanding, I cannot be limited to the current situation, but I should explore the possibility of what the world should be and could be.


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