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Red Team Capstone: Week 1

Red Team Capstone: Week 1
Brianna Baldwin, Catherine Thyben, Chelsea Slawson, Christopher Mitchell,
David Chavez, Gabriel Parra, Jill Peterson
Grand Canyon University: BUS-485
March 10, 2019
Capstone: Week 1
Context and Organization
Multi-Fry-er is a food truck that serves the community a variety of french fries and toppings to go along with them. The Multi-Fry-er is cheap for the customer, easy to frequent, and serves finger food in a way that is fun and functional to eat while walking around at different festivals or events. With the variety of toppings and options Multi-Fry-er serves the entire family with options catered to every age group and food palette. As well as having the privilege of serving up these world class, main course, side-dishes, Multi-Fry-er heavily invests in the community. Multi-Fry-er partners with local schools offering summer internships, affording students first-hand, real-world experience in business ethics and best-management practices, all while having the opportunity to humbly serve the community. Multi-Fry-er also partners with local suppliers who are heavily vetted ensuring they hold and maintain similar practices, values, and ethics.
Vision, mission, and strategy of the organization
Vision Statement: To make Multi-Fry-er a mobile destination that provides delicious, local food to fit every diet and budget in a fun atmosphere that will bring customers back again and again. The tantalizing variety of french fried veggies offers customers several options, ranging from old fashioned potatoes to eggplants and other seasonal creations, all made to to order with fun toppings. Customers with a sweet tooth, Multi-Fry-er has them covered with delicious Funnel Cake Fries!
Mission Statement: The Multi-Fry-er’s mission is to provide a fun, affordable, and accommodating experience to their customers and their families by providing a unique touch to one of the most common and favorable side dishes in America.
Strategy: Multi-Fry-er’s strategy in order to achieve a strong competitive advantage and earn adequate returns/profits will be to execute a strong presence on social media on various platforms. Multi-Fry-er will also employ a strong management team to ensure resources, purchases, capabilities, and strengths and weaknesses are identified and focused on in order to achieve overall success. By relying on social media and connecting with the community the outreach and knowledge of the Multi-Fry-er should reach consumers in the respective areas quickly, therefore generating a buzz.
Nature of the business opportunity
The Multi-Fry-er Food Truck will provide a service to customers who want a unique twist on the classic french fry. The Multi-Fry-er Food Truck will provide a variety of french fry options. These options include potato fries, zucchini fries, and eggplant fries. Additionally, ingredients offered will be organic, produced by local farmers, with vegetarian and vegan topping options.
The target demographic is 18 to 40 year old and the Multi-Fry-er will seek a variety of venue options consistent with this demographic. The Multi-Fry-er Food Truck will satisfy a growing need in the food industry to partner with craft beer breweries (Watson, 2019), music festivals venues, sporting events venues and outdoor special events venues to provide an easy to eat finger food that also offers heather vegetarian and vegan options. The service offered by the Multi-Fry-er Food Truck allows these venues the opportunity to provide food to their patrons without having to invest in an on premise food facility and avoid the risks associated with on premise food sales. The Multi-Fry-er Food truck satisfies the need of a mobile food provider and allows these venues to concentrate on growing their business.
Watson, B. (2019). Analyzing 2017 Craft Brewery Growth | Brewers Association. Retrieved from
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