What are the main differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics?
December 11, 2017
The history and evolution of Title VII and its amendments (PDA, ADA, ADEA) 
December 11, 2017

What is the relationship between cognition and personality development?

Define, analyze, and examine your understanding of the genetic and environmental factors that influence personality. By answering the following short-essay questions, you will find the best solution using your assessment skills. Each of your responses should be 200-300 words. When you have completed the project, submit your responses according to the directions given below.

1.What is the relationship between cognition and personality development? Explain how biological and environmental factors can shape our cognitive processes. Give an example that illustrates how one’s cognitive processes can shape some aspect of personality.
2.Explain how evolutionary, biological/genetic, and environmental (i.e. learning) factors can result in the development of an aggressive personality. Provide specific examples, when appropriate.
3.How do parents influence a child’s personality according to each theory: evolutionary, biological/genetic, and behavioral? Give examples that illustrate how each of these models relates to parenting and children’s personality development.
4.What is self-efficacy? How does self-efficacy relate to personality? What "nature" and "nurture" factors contribute to one’s self-efficacy? Provide specific examples, when appropriate.
Use this text book as the main reference of this paper:
Past and Present views on Personality

Cloninger, S. C., Allen, B. P., Friedman, H. S., & Schustack, M. W. (2011). Past and present views on personality. (Kaplan University ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Custom Publishing.


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