Identify a nursing informatics role that is of particular interest to you.
June 27, 2022
When placed between a gauze breast pads from their nursing mothers brawl and one from another nursing mother week or…
June 27, 2022
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Reply 6-1 BG

Reply to:Schizophrenia, a mental disorder alters a person’s behavior, emotions, and thought process, is explained by theorist throughout several models that include biological, social cultural, and psychological (Comer & Comer, 2021). Genetics is the focus on how the biological model explains Schizophrenia. The social cultural model references the explanation to the multicultural differences as an impact in development of schizophrenia. Furthermore, the labeling on people is another influence on the development of schizophrenia. The psychological model incorporates the psychodynamic cognitive behavior of a non-emotional and un-nurturing parent that leads to the evolution of the mental disorder.In my opinion the biological model is most fitting to explain schizophrenia because it incorporates a scientific pattern that explains a flow of levels of dopamine, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are inherited.


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