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July 10, 2019
What led to your current perspective and direction?
July 10, 2019

Research & Evidence – Based practice –

NURBN1005_ 2018: Introduction to Research & Evidence – Based practice –


The assessment task will; 
• Assist with the development of effective research skills in collating and analysing relevant and quality material related to a contemporary nursing issue; 
• Assist with the development of a theoretical and practical understanding of the research literature on a contemporary nursing issue.

You will engage in a review of the literature on a contemporary nursing topic (see choice of topics below). The topic you choose for this literature review will be your topic for the group presentation. You will find and read a wide variety of scholarly sources on the topic, a minimum of ten peer reviewed articles, and write a review of your readings, highlighting how the literature and research in the field inform your learning and future practice.


Should the use of medicinal marijuana be legalised?

The week 2 active learning session (in the campus library for standard students, and via an online module for flexible students), will focus on how to find suitable sources for this assessments, how to read them and how it can help you with your essay. Other useful online resources that explain in more detail can be found under week 1 content.


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