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July 23, 2020
explore actual and potential health problems in the childhood years using a functional health assessment and Erickson’s Stages of Child Development
July 23, 2020

research proposal with power point presentation

title of my proposal: Study on effluent waste water management in oil and gas operations in ( Location ) of Oman

Task 1.

1. Title page should include:

Title of the research topic, student’s name, student’s number and supervisor’s name.

2. Introduction:

Introduce the key concept and the importance of these concepts in brief. Provide a description of the basic facts and importance of your research area, showing the motivation behind your research and how important is your research for particular area.

3. Background and statement of the problem:

(This is done in light of a thorough literature review)

4. Research Aims and Objectives:

The main question or questions that you hope to address in your research. What the research is going to achieve. The objectives provide a list of goals that will be achieved through the proposed research. Outline the benefits/impacts that will be generated if the research problem is answered.

5. Methodology:

Discuss in detail; the methods that you used in your research (e.g., survey, modelling, case study etc.), the type of data and its source must be specified.

5.1.Study design: (type of study) (Descriptive, correlation, semi-experimental, experimental, review)

5.2.Data collection methods and instruments: Primary data collection methods or secondary data collection method (in details).

5.3.Data analysis methods: Use data analysis tools and software to understand and interpret your results, choose the way to express your data analysis e.g. in words or maybe a table or chart.

6. Study period – Time duration or time plan of your research (yearlong).

8. References:

(Harvard style)

Task 2: Presentation

 A PowerPoint presentation should be prepared for presenting the research project work carried out.

 The presentation should be prepared for 15 minutes duration with not more than 10-12 slides and it must briefly explain the identification of the research problem, with the aims, objectives, methods and time plan.

* strictly follow the guidelines.


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