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February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021

Revenue Unearned accounting homework help

In August of​ 2009, Ruby​’s Corporation, a newly developed internet game​ company, received $1,320,000 for​ 2,000 

three-year subscriptions to a new online game priced at $220 per year. The subscriptions do not start until October of 2009.

Fill in the following chart for each of the given years to show the amount of revenue to be recognized on the income statement and the related liability reported on the​ year-end balance sheet.

Ruby​’s Corp fiscal year end is December 31. ​(Round your answers to the nearest whole dollar. Complete all answer​ boxes.)


Revenue recognized during

Unearned revenue at December 31


?? ??


?? ??


?? ??


?? ??


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