If you were to do the complete solution for pendulum motion, where sin is included, you would nd the following corrected formula:
October 18, 2020
ENG1102 Epidemiology of Health and Illness Paper
October 18, 2020

Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies

Review the case study Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies – Assessment of a Medical Centeru2019s Policies and Procedures.pdf and then answer the questions that follow. Your responses should be thorough and include at least three references from outside sources (other than this course materials).


  1. Develop a project network consisting of at least ten steps that you would perform to implement REM at the Medical Center. Keep the level of detail for these activities general rather than specific. Be sure to indicate some degree of precedence relationship among the activities and reference your responses with the course material.
  2. Suppose you want to calculate duration estimates for these activities. How would you make use of the following approaches? Are some more useful than others?
  • a. Expert opinion
  • b. Past history
  • c. Mathematical derivation

Joan, the senior project manager, is trying to decide which scheduling format to employ for her planning: What are some of the issues that Joan should consider when using an AON network?

In addition write a 150-word critique identifying the scope, schedule, and resources and describing which constraint you think will be the most challenging in this project. Back up your answer with references from the readings and at least three outside sources.

Be sure to follow college level writing, and demonstrate your knowledge of scope management.  


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