September 9, 2021
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September 9, 2021

RSCH 8310 Walden Radicalization of Fringe Organizations and Social Psychology Paper

This is 3 parts to this assignment, and here is the link for the overview. If you could please divide into the 3 parts…

Make sure to use the Detailed Major Assignment 1 Guidelines as the
template for organizing your paper, including use of the headings as
shown. Headings are extremely important in APA style and format, as
well as a required skill for your dissertation.

Some suggestions for success:

articles you are looking for (lit review/meta-analysis; theory paper;
research study) are the basis for forming your problem statement. By now
you should (1) understand the different types; (2) have located the
articles; and (3) you are writing up an annotated bibliography of each

To form your problem statement, summarize each
article in your bibliography, focus on the purpose of the article, the
method used, the results, and what the authors suggest are future
directions for research (HINT – that’s where you find your gap). Look
across the articles to describe a common or conflicting research issue
(HINT: Conflicting findings in the literature are also the source of a

Use the template for developing your purpose statement

your research question based on the feedback you have been receiving. I
post feedback on the discussion board or in your grade book.

Present your ideas for social change based on what you have read and seen in the social change videos

Your annotated bibliography is attached at the end. A sample bibliography is attached to this announcement in the course.

assignment 1 rubric identifies and explains the grading criteria for
your paper. You are elevated on the following primary criteria. The
rubric is also attached to this announcement in the course.

Week 4 Assignment 1 Rubric Criteria

Problem Statement

Purpose Statement

Research Question


Annotated Bibliography

Form & Style



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