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July 8, 2019
July 8, 2019

Self-imposed barriers to leadership

Effective leaders must know themselves, excel at critical tasks, demonstrate emotional intelligence and display strong character traits. In your required readings, you learned that leaders often sabotage their own levels of personal and professional success due to emotionally unintelligent behavior and self-imposed barriers to leadership. The self-imposed barriers to leadership outlined in our text are listed below:

  • Overemphasizing personal goals as opposed to what is best for the organization
  • Being overly distracted by own self-image
  • Turning the competition into enemies
  • Believing that a leader must lead alone
  • Being too patient in various circumstances and not taking initiative when needed
  • Overcoming self-doubt

In your initial post:

  1. Discuss what two self-imposed barriers to leadership you have encountered or are most likely to encounter in your professional work. How will you overcome these barriers?
  2. Complete the Emotional Intelligence Inventory provided in your textbook and reflect on the results. (You do not need to submit a copy of the actual questionnaire or your results). Explain how you will use what you have learned about your attitudes and behaviors to help you deal with difficult situations and become an effective leader.



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