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September 6, 2021
Week 4: Alex
September 6, 2021
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SOCW 6301 Week 4 – Social Work Research: Couple Counseling

Assignment: Introduction to Research ProposalsFor this Assignment, the case studies entitled “Social Work Research: Couple Counseling” Consider how you might select among the issues presented to formulate a research proposal.Be sure to consult the outline in Chapter 14 the Yegidis et al. text for content suggestions for the sections of a research proposal. As you review existing research studies, notice how the authors identify a problem, focus the research question, and summarize relevant literature. These can provide you with a model for your research proposal.Include all of the main sections of a Research report:TitleAbstractIntroductionReview of LiteratureStatement of Research Questions and HypothesesMethodologyFindingsDiscussionLimitationsRecommendations for Future Research, Implications for Social WorkConclusionReferences and AppendicesSubmit a 5- to 6-page research proposal· A Research Proposal stating both a research problem and a broad research question (may be either qualitative or quantitative).· Use a minimum of 8 of the most relevant literature resources to support the need for the study, define concepts, and define variables relevant to the question.· Include a literature review explaining what previous research has found in relation to your problem and question.o The literature review should also include a description of methods used by previous researchers.· Finally, be sure to explain how your proposed study addresses a gap in existing knowledge.Proper English with no run-on sentences is an absolute requirement!


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