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March 30, 2020
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March 30, 2020

Spiritual Assessment Instructions

Spiritual Assessment Instructions

This assignment has 3 parts that will be submitted as one paper in Module/Week 3. Each part is intended to direct you toward an assessment of your spiritual life in its current form. Without knowing where you are spiritually, it will not be possible for you to move forward; thus, this assignment will focus on an assessment of your spiritual life.

This assignment will challenge you to assess your spiritual life so that you can see how you need to mature. In order to accomplish this goal, this assignment will require a level of vulnerability and honesty which can result in growth (if you embrace the process). Approach this assignment prayerfully, asking the Lord to reveal to you how He wants to work in your heart throughout this course and over the remainder of your life.

This assignment must be 1,000–1,250 words.

Part 1: Describe how you practice the spiritual disciplines.

Part 2: Discuss the common temptations that you face on a regular basis.

Part 3: Evaluate your weaknesses and blind spots as they relate to your Christian walk.

Part 1: Practicing the Spiritual Disciplines

In this section, describe your current practice of the spiritual disciplines. If you need help knowing which disciplines to include, refer to Whitney’s textbook as an example. Specifically, examine which disciplines are commonly applied in your life and how regularly you apply them. Be honest here—dishonesty will not impress anyone, and your current investment in the disciplines is not part of the grade. How thoroughly you describe your investment is what will be graded in this section.


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