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Workers need to enter a below-ground, concrete-lined vault to repair a leaking valve that controls the flow of wastewater from several buildings at your plant
July 8, 2019
Job description
July 8, 2019

Television Animation

Write an essay based on one of the following prompts:
Discuss two major studios in children’s television animation of the 1970s and 1980s. What were significant characteristics of their business practices and content?
Discuss the role of festivals and educational institutions in developing the notion of animation authorship in the 1960s and beyond. How did recognition of the “author” impact the development of the animation medium? How did it open up new avenues of expression?
How did animators of the Eastern Bloc use traditional storytelling and the attributes of animation when developing critical films? Discuss two films in your response.
The essay should include the following elements:
Briefly introduce the main topic discusses throughout the essay.
Develop the main topic by answering the prompt (a, b, or c) you have chosen.
Summarize the concepts discussed throughout the essay.


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