November 9, 2019
Pathophysiology And Nursing Management Of Client Health
November 9, 2019

Test Taking StrategyTest Taking Strategy

Survey the assigned chapter to get an overview. Based on your survey, what do you anticipate the reading to be about? – Minimum 4 sentences

2. Elaborate in your own words and in more depth or greater detail what the chapter is addressing in (14) sentences. You can begin your elaboration by saying, “In other words…”

3. Provide a personal, academic, and clinical example to show how the content of this chapter is used in a practical sense. Must identify an actual specific instance from real experiences, NOT HYPOTHETICAL situations. Minimum (4) sentences per example. Examples must be separated and individually labeled.

4. What would you say to persuade a friend, spouse, child… to read and learn from this chapter or not to read it? Five sentences minimum.

5. Provide a minimum of (2) concepts from this chapter that you identified as a personal or academic challenge, and that has affected academic learning, or personal everyday life situations.

Minimum (4) sentences per identified challenge. Challenges must be individually labeled and separated.

6. What specific steps (minimum 3) are you taking to address the challenges identified in this chapter or question #5. List and elaborate on the steps taken to address challenges. Minimum (4) sentences per change. Responses must be individually labeled and separated.

7. Illustrate your understanding with a “picture that your mind created for the content discussed in the reading. In other words, ask yourself, what picture is the author painting in my head?” by creating a comprehensive concept map that captures the meaning of the chapter content. Concept map must have a minimum of 10 boxes and each box must draw on main concepts and sub-concepts.


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