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June 20, 2019
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June 20, 2019
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The homework is and Essay 900-1200 words

The homework is and Essay 900-1200 words

book name ( The Three Cultures : Natural sciences, social Sciences, and the humanities in the 21st century)

the question for the essay is :

Describe what you envision today’s Kant or Eliot to be.

In his book, The Three Cultures, Jerome Kagan says, “The modern world desperately needs a Swift, Kant, Goya, Shaw, Beckett, or Eliot to provoke a passive population, adrift in a ship without a confident direction, chatting about the last episode of The Sopranos or ‘talking of Michelangelo’ to choose a moral position that demands a deeper empathetic concern with the social and natural settings into which each generation is born and to communicate it to a desperate public” (243). (See the full paragraph for the complete thought.)

Please write 900-1200 words. Explain what such a person would say and/or do.  Your Poet/Philosopher of Our Age must be able to respond to the failures of “the three cultures” while defending and promoting them.  You need to explain how this person’s thought and/or action would contribute to, or lead, an authentic transformation of society, whether at the national or global level.

This question is a vehicle for you to demonstrate how well you have engaged the ideas that appear in The Three Cultures.  A creative response helps your cause, but the key to your response is to refer to and use the ideas in the book.


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