What might be the side effects of cytotoxic chemotherapy?
July 10, 2019
For which minerals/electrolytes did you meet or exceed the recommended daily intake level?
July 10, 2019

The nurse gives the patient the temperature. (take, go)

 Verbs Complete the chart. 

  1. infinitivelastimate (4) (8) yo (1) (5) sufríatú (2) eras (9) we hurt (6) (10) you (3) (7) suffered

 Complete Fill in the blanks with the imperfect form of the appropriate verbs. 

  1. The nurse gives the patient the temperature. (take, go)
  2. As a child, you do not broccoli or spinach. (bring, eat)
  3. We visit Spain every year. (go, touch)
  4. My cousins ​​always movies in that cinema. (see, do)
  5. In my elementary school two hundred students. (occur, have)

 Sentences Write sentences in the imperfect using the information provided.


We / go / pharmacy

We went to the pharmacy.

  1. Marcos / estar / preocupado / por ti
  2. I / put / music / the holidays
  3. to you / hurt / throat
  4. them / watching / television / while / us / sleeping / napping
  5. How much / years / have / you / in the year 2007?

 After work Complete the paragraph with the imperfect form of the verbs from the box. One verb will not be used.caminarpodersentirsesertenervivir

  1. Last night (1) ten thirty when I finally left the hospital. Renata, Maria (my coworkers) and I (2) very tired and (3) hungry. Maria said that as ( since ) she (4) close, we (5) go to her house to eat some sandwiches.

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