Summarize, for the current company employees, the new product from the chosen scenario, in your own words. a. Identify three important points regarding the product from the chosen scenario.
October 10, 2021
Book review: a list of books will be posted on canvas, and each
October 10, 2021

This means that you can research and discover the play, death of


This means that you can research and discover the play, Death of salesman(Arthur Miller) reflects a stance about something that you strongly agree or disagree with and explain why.

This essay is expected to be approximately 1250 words with four (4) references for an MLA annotated bibliography . An annotated bibliography is basically a works cited page with a brief summary (between 100-150 words) about why each particular reference relates to your essay. Review these online examples: (Links to an external site.)

And on the first page you should attch the working thesis(outline)

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