December 31, 2020
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January 1, 2021
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Topic is: Domestic Viole nce , Both men and women being the abuser Ask a question: Identify an issue

Topic is: Domestic Violence, Both men and women being the abuser
Ask a question: Identify an issue of concern or personal curiosity relating to your profession.
Identify two bodies of knowledge: Which two disciplines will be used to help answer the question?Example: History and Sociology
Conduct a literature review: What research has been done to help answer this question?Hint #1: Make notes in the center column (see below) as resources are identified and read.Hint #2: Compile an annotated bibliography as you find information as this will help you keep your sources organized and references correct.
Bringing It Together: Discuss the question extensively using information from the middle column above.Conclusion: End the discussion with a conclusion—answer the question! Please note, there are two parts to the conclusion: Part #1: Answer your question and discuss how (if) your personal views have changed based on what you’ve learned. Part #2: Discuss how you plan to build on this knowledge going forward.Posted: 4 years agoDue: 14/12/2015Budget: $15

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