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Environmental Analysis
July 8, 2019
Brain changes
July 8, 2019

Training Program

  • Propose a new training program for your workplace or another adult learning environment that you know (former workplace, higher education, professional development, etc.). Discuss two (2) useful metrics you could use to justify ROI for the new training. Explain how your metrics are useful using the criteria described in the article “Let’s Get Real About Corporate Learning Evaluation” and/or Will Thalhaimer’s article linked in the first paragraph of that piece.
  • Respond to one of your classmates. Do you agree with their metric and how it relates to ROI? Propose another metric to evaluate the training program they described in their answer. Do you think that metrics should be different depending on the medium of assessment (online vs classroom versus blended)?
  • Support your answer with the articles you chose from the links in the shell. Feel free to use other quality sources.

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