XACC 291 week 2 Assignment Reflection
October 18, 2020
On management functions
October 18, 2020

Transportation strategy discussion questions – Lion Essays

Some of the key factors that impact this decision such as labor force availability, market for goods, taxes and transportation considerations.  What factors might impact your organization’s facility location selection and why?
Benefits of warehousing near free trade zones?
Discuss the different types of modes of transportation when it comes to moving material across the globe and the U.S. The most important items to consider when taking into consideration when moving material is to determine the cost, speed, reliability, capability, capacity and the flexibility of the movement of products.
The role of logistics in competitive advantage
The role of transportation capabilities in international supply chain management.
Best practices in transportation
How does conducting international commerce affect an organization’s shipping strategy?
How do monetary exchange rates factor into international transportation considerations?


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