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October 16, 2020
Use the pra values of glycine you have determined experimentally for problems ( 3 ) – ( 5 ) 4 .
October 16, 2020

two separate summary needed

I have to submit these two summaries in two separate files.

1 Patriarchy

Read “Patriarchy, The System” by A.Johnson. How does the author define Patriarchy? What does he say about the social system? About privilege? About gender based violence?

What I’m looking for is a 300 word summary in which you address some of the key points being made. I am more concerned with you understanding what the author is saying than sharing your personal opinion.

2. Misogyny

Take the buzzfeed How sexist are you quiz and share your score. Are you surprised?

Review the buzzfeed 23 ways we internalize misogyny. What is misogyny? What is internalized misogyny? What does Johnson (“Patriarchy, The System”) say about misgoyny? How does this play out in your day to day life?

I’m looking for your perception and personal reflection based on the buzzfeed quiz/article. Response should be 250-300 words.


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