1. Consider one obviously immoral action and one obviously permissible action- Explain how Golden Rule ethics would arrive at an evaluation regarding those actions generally (i.e. KITA need not be applied). Answer so as to show understanding of the fundamentals of the system. 2. Apply KITA to the two actions selected above, demonstrating what ethical verdict it would render and how. 3. Now answer the same question as (1) except using virtue ethics. 4. Now select a controversial ethical issue, and answer how both Golden Rule ethics and Aristotelean virtue ethics would evaluate it. Be thorough and specific. 5. Compare and contrast Golden Rule ethics and Aristotelean virtue ethics based on the results of questions 1-4, as well as the central assumptions of each system.
May 6, 2020
Main character from Hamlet
May 6, 2020

U.S. Army resilience assessment programs

Construct a 2- to 4-page Argument Paper in which you identify and demonstrate ONE weakness in the U.S. Army resilience assessment programs Then argue for THREE solutions to that specified weakness. For each proposed solution, consider (a) how to implement it, (b) needed costs/resources, and (c) where applicable, potential counter-arguments. The essay as a whole should be SOLUTION-ORIENTED, using at least one full paragraph per recommendation.


Resilience assessment or training: Nicholas Browns A Critical Examination of the U.S. Armys Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program, published in The Winnower, dtd. 11 June 2015.


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