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February 11, 2021
Retail Innovation PowerPoint
February 11, 2021

Unit 7 Discussion Board Topic 1 and 2

Unit 7 Discussion Topic 1

Customer Communication

Menus serve as the best communication with your customers and are a sales tool for food service managers to be creative in their design. Truth-in-menu laws require specific details and address concerns for customer health and nutrition. Describe the elements in an organized system for ensuring the health of customers with food allergies.

  • Unit 7 Discussion Topic 2 Discussion Topic UpdatedTask: Reply to this topicControl of Labor Costs Using the exhibit 7.11 steps in your eBook, describe how you will control your labor costs in the F & B Diner scenario from Unit 5 Discussion. Be specific and provide your projected customer forecasts/labor hours, and staff schedule.Respond per the guidelines in your Syllabus.

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