August 9, 2019
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August 10, 2019
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Visual Argument

In this project, you will make an argument using both text and images.

Assignment Instructions

Using, compose an infographic that makes the argument you made in Project 4. Since you will have limited space to work with, you should think carefully about the most important points you need to make. Be sure to avoid including long passages of text. You should rely on images to communicate your message. As you design the infographic, think about the way that elements of design such as color, font, and arrangement contribute to your argument. BE CREATIVE.

Submission Instructions

Download the infographic as a .png




  • Does the infographic make a clear argument based on appropriate content?
  • Does the infographic utilize both images and text to make the argument?


  • Does the infographic utilize appropriate colors and fonts?
  • Are text and images arranged in a way that is easy to read?
  • Is there an appropriate balance of text, images, and white space?

Style and Mechanics:

  • Does the text adhere to the appropriate RC Writing Standards?

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