February 11, 2021
negotiation and conflict resolution 29
February 11, 2021

Vitamin A Deficiency

Dr. Mac

I. OVERVIEW:  You are required to do a special written report in this class on a topic listed at end of this handout. This is a requirement, and not bonus pts.

II. REMEMBER:  DO NOT PLAGARIZE THE REPORT BY COPING INFORMATION DIRECTLY FROM THE INTERNET!   For maximum points, please write the report in your own words and analysis.  

III. WORTH OF REPORT: The report is worth 100 pts toward your grade in lecture, the same as a major exam.

IV. DETAILS:  The report should be typewritten, double-spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, and no more than 5-10 pages, including figures, tables, and photomicrographs (visual aids).  It should be professional in appearance.  Please review the report for typos, grammatical errors, misspellings, etc.  Have a cover page, number each page, place your name on every page, and include a bibliography or literature cited (no footnotes!). Place citations directly in the body of the paper.  Also, mention figures directly in the body of the paper.  Please see examples herein.

V. DUE DATE:  The report is due no later than Sunday, Nov. 29th 10pm.  No late reports accepted!  Send via email attachment to me [email protected] when you have completed the report.

Examples of citations:

Smith (1995) reported the use of ether for the first time in medieval medicine.


The use of ether was reported for the first time in medieval medicine in 1350 (Smith, 1995).

If more than two authors, it would be Smith et al. (1995) reported the use….

~or~ at end of sentence (Smith et al., 1995).

Bibliography: (you must have one!) any type but not all URL’s, cite a book or journal article too.


Smith, J. R.  1995. The use of ether in medicine.  JAMA 43:117-120.


Tripler, C. S., and G. C. Blackman. 1861. Handbook for the Military Surgeon. 

  Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co., 455 pp.


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