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April 20, 2022
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April 20, 2022
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will take the lead this week on our assignment.  Team: Please have your PowerPoint slide uploaded into the group files section no later than Friday 10/7 by 5pmest, to allow me enough time to make corrections/edits, and to submit.  Chapter 7: Communication  Chapter 14: Individual Differences I: Gender and Negotiation  Chapter 15: Individual Differences II: Personality and Abilities  Chapter 17: Managing Negotiation Impasses  Chapter 9 &13 as well.  Case 4: Bargaining Strategy in Major League Baseball- PG. 662  Team, we will used the outline that professor provided us to guide our PowerPoint presentation. Please ensure to use terminology and examples from the reading, and connecting it to the case study. **Please ensure you include notes in the notes section of each slide pertinent to the information you provided05:53dentify and apply the guidelines that you should follow when this negotiation becomes challenging=Kiera Harpa


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